In press | 2024

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2017 and earlier

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In Principle Acceptances, Preprints, and Working Papers

Wormley, A. S., Moon, J. W., Johnson, K. A., Hirschberger, G., Saroglou, V., Wu, M., & Cohen, A. B. (registered report accepted in principle). Morality and mentality: A replication and cross-cultural extension. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion

Moon, J. W., & Krems, J. A. (under review). The role of opposition to abortion in shaping policy preferences: Unveiling hidden reproductive goals. PDF OSF Finalist, 2024 HBES Post-Doctoral Research Award

Moon, J. W. & Barlev, M. (working paper). Google search volume for social scientists: A tutorial and best practices. PDF OSF

Moon, J. W., Wongsomboon, V., & Sevi, B. (under review). Beliefs about men’s sexual self-control predict attitudes toward women’s immodest clothing and public breastfeeding. PDF OSF